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Grassroots Actions to Create
Environmental Impacts

Grassroots Impact is a black-led organization dedicated to providing targeted education for black communities about the importance of transitioning to sustainable and clean energy sources. We strive to make this transition accessible, viable, and equitable for everyone. We are working to create a future where everyone can benefit from clean energy sources, regardless of their race, ethnicity, or socio-economic background.

Through our education and outreach initiatives, we provide accessible resources that help individuals, communities, and organizations understand the importance of sustainability and clean energy. We are passionate about making a difference and empowering our communities to make informed decisions about their environment and their future.


Our mission is to promote environmental justice and create positive environmental impacts. We believe that everyone should have access to clean air, clean water, and a healthy environment. We strive to create policy and legislation that protects the environment and its inhabitants. We work to increase awareness and understanding of the effects of climate change and environmental degradation on marginalized communities. We also strive to facilitate dialogue between community members and government organizations, with the goal of creating equitable and sustainable solutions. Our ultimate goal is to create a world where everyone can live in a safe and healthy environment.



At Grassroots Impact, we recognize the urgent need to address environmental injustices and are committed to fighting climate change. We are dedicated to supporting renewable energy sources, investing in green infrastructure and technologies, and advocating for environmental justice. We strive to create a healthier, more equitable planet by empowering communities to take action and creating economic opportunity through green jobs. Our commitment to environmental justice and sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

Returning All Power Back To The People! (19).png


Returning All Power Back To The People! (19).png


Returning All Power Back To The People! (19).png




Who Is Dawn Curtis?

Dawn Curtis, the Founder of Grassroots Impact, serves as the Soil and Water Supervisor for District 4. She’s also served as advocate for Fertilizer Ordinances, Save Split Oak Project, and EV Readiness Code. She’s participated in food justice programs throughout Orange County, to assist with food deserts.  In 2017, Mayor Buddy Dyer and the council unanimously passed a commitment to power Orlando’s electricity with renewable energy by 2050.


To ensure a just transition to renewable energy, Grassroots Impact Founder, who served as the  NAACP Environmental Justice Chair, joined in collaboration with other energy focused organizations to form the First 50 Coalition. The First 50 Coalition consists of a broad alliance of more than a dozen civic, environmental, and social justice groups. 

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